David M. Mizrachi Fidanque

David M. Mizrachi Fidanque

Founding Partner

Graduate from the University of Pennsylvania obtained the degree of Bachelor of Arts specialized in Political Science (with honors) and Economy of Tulane University’s Law School obtaining the degree of Juris Doctor (cum laude). He counts with a certificate of competence to practice law in the State of Florida, United States of America, and the Republic of Panama.

He began his career as a lawyer in Miami, United States of America, and then he worked at an important law firm in Panama. In 2002, he founded MDU Legal (previously known as Mizrachi, Davarro & Urriola) and he now specializes in commercial law, in matters of dispute resolution (including litigations and arbitrations) as well as in transactions.

He has represented important multinational companies and national and international investors in a variety of complex affairs including direct investment, administrative law, negotiations with the Government, sovereign arbitrations, financial regulations, private estates, and other matters. He was a professor at the university, and he taught international and commercial law and he frequently gives lectures in the matter of Panamanian and international law at a global level. He published articles about different subjects in academic publications and newspapers of national circulation. He is a certified public translator, director and advisor of important companies, activist of the Panamanian Jewish Community and member of civic associations.

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